Architectural and BIM & CAD
Architectural Photomontage

If the surrounding site and views are attractive then your building design may look best rendering into a photograph. Photomontage renderings are a blend of real photography and 3D Architectural Renderings, creating a visually stunning result. The photomontage is rapidly becoming as important a document as the floor plans and elevations. This is useful for design and planning purposes and is used by planning consultants and architects alike. By creating our models with actual 'real world' elements and characteristics (physical elements, materials, textures and colors).


We can work from sketches, notes, concepts, drawings or a combination of the above, thereby freeing the architect from documentation and allowing greeted design development with the knowledge at short turnaround a deliverable presentation is available In order to create photomontage images, we use digital images/photographs of the existing site environment and superimpose the new/changed structures (created in 3D by us) into the photograph though a range of digital techniques.


The finished image depicts the finished site and can be used for planning purposes, stakeholder approval, design approval and for marketing purposes.