Architectural and BIM & CAD
BIM Benefits

BIM or Building Information Modeling is one of the most cutting edge technology used in construction projects. It is an advanced planning and designing technology that offers various benefits. BIM permits developing 3D constructs that presents all the planned systems and build-outs on a construction project with great precision.



BIM helps in reducing delays in construction and thus leading to completion of projects in a stipulated time frame. It is also considered as the most cost efficient process in developing streamline projects as it prevents from the requirement of stockpiling of materials at the site. This subsequently leads to reduction of project waste and efficient & timely services.


Safe and easy to store, BIM designs work as substitute for the actual models. Even after the completion of construction, these digitally preserved designs can always be referred by designers, engineers and building managers for inspection of problem areas if ever required instead of visiting the actual location. Projects that make use of BIM have BIM Managers who supervise the digital platform and update the shared information as and when the plans are modified and the project is complete. This helps in completion of the project in a prompt and professional manner.


BIM is extensively suitable for large construction projects ranging from high-rise towers to multi- building complexes in urban location. In comparison to traditional methods for designing large projects, BIM designs are error free, prevent costly design flaws and helps in avoiding unwanted delays. Owners, developers, today, integrate BIM into designing and managing construction projects to order to enhance their work procedure. Some of the beneficial features of BIM are as follows:



  • Cost Efficient
  • Saves Time
  • Digital Storage of Designs for Future Reference
  • Ideal For Urban Area