Architectural and BIM & CAD
CAD Conversion Services

We specialize in cad conversion. We provide high quality CAD conversion services using both scan and overlay drafting or manually redrawing them. We also specialize in transforming manual drawings / raster images into clean, ready to use, computer generated drawings converted / vectorized / digitized into CAD, Microstation or DXF formats. Our Paper to CAD Conversion services involve starting with a simple scanned image all the way till we deliver a CAD-perfect file.


Precision redrafted by hand not via the usual inaccurate computer raster to vector conversions offered by most companies. This is the only guaranteed method of accurate paper to CAD conversion ! Our CAD conversion services include almost all types of documents, including architectural, civil, engineering, mechanical and machine drawings, construction documents, site plans, floor plans, utility plans, cabling layouts, elevations, details, survey maps, electrical/ HVAC/ process flow diagrams and more.


Our infrastructure and technology experience allows us to provide highest quality of Paper to CAD conversion services at considerably cost. All the work is done in-house, which make it cost-effective and quality controlled. You get most economical rates as our offshore office is located in Kolkata / INDIA.