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Application of Revit for Dome Roof

Revit is widely used in construction industry Autodesk® Revit® helps architectures to create a dome roof. The entire process incorporated in creating a roof from the face of a mass is divided into various steps. To begin with, a mass family must be selected from the library. It is essential to note that Autodesk Revit has a line of varied primitive shapes which includes dome.


Once the mass has been placed, to adjust the shape of the dome as per the desired roof dimensions, an elevation view is required. The user must be careful in not making the roof too steep as that would lead to the appearance of an error message stating that the roof cannot be made.


After the dome mass is placed in the proper position and adjusted in the accurate level, the Roof can be engaged by the Face command. The user requires picking both the faces of the top of the dome and clicking the “create roof” on the ribbon. This leads to the existence of a roof and a mass in one and the same place.


When the roof and the mass co-exist in the same place, users must select the complete geometry and filter to only have the “mass” selected and then delete. This will be followed by the creation of the dome roof. In the visual graphic style realistic, there will be a line which will indicate where the mass split faces.


There will also be a rafter cut which will require having the shingles cover over the facia. To make it pleasing, “square cut” should be selected from the properties of the roof. And to eliminate the line through the centre of the roof, the user will have to go to the graphic display option of the visual style and then uncheck show edges.


A dormer can also be added to the dome if a shaft opening is created and surrounded with walls and a roof by extrusion. It is important to remember that this shaft should only penetrate the roof slightly to ensure that the dormer roof by extrusion joins with the dome.


When the walls are added surrounding the dormer opening, the view range may require to be adjusted so that it does not cut the roof geometry. Users can join the roof by extrusion to the dome by making use of the “join/unjoin roof” command. The placement of walls and a roof by extrusion creates a dormer for a dome roof. Similarly windows can be added and the inside of the dome can be viewed in regards to the roof shingles behind. The same method can be employed to explore various other shapes.



Application of Revit for Dome Roof