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Autodesk University 2013: Company Highlights Acquisitions, Other Efforts to Bridge Gaps in Building & Civil Engineering Workflows

The industry’s first cloud-based solution for computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), Autodesk CAM 360 was announced. The company announced acquisitions and new products and highlighted the on-going initiatives aimed to support the entire building project workflow, from concept design to ownership.


At the annual user conference, the Autodesk senior vice-president of Information Modeling and Platform Products, Amar Hanspal said that BIM is the center of all their AEC (Architecture Engineering & Construction) efforts. He also added that the company’s technology roadmap which is going forward will incorporate three transformations in AEC which are-

  • Moving from a tool- and file-centric workflow to a project-centric workflow.
  • Designing in context.
  • Connecting the digital to the physical.


In the conference Hanspal also emphasized that the company is focusing on extending BIM to infrastructure applications. They are planning to expand the reach of BIM on various fronts like conceptual design and construction. Autodesk helps to attain higher standards of productivity into the infrastructure, building design and construction industries both in the office and in the field with our expanding desktop, cloud and mobile portfolio. The advancements that they have made are empowering professionals to move from designing objects and representing their ideas in 2D and 3D to designing in the simplest form while optimizing and better predicting the performance of the designs.


There were various announcements made at the Autodesk University which covered all facets of the BIM process for buildings as well as infrastructure. Some of the major announcements made include-


  • Autodesk Dynamo and Autodesk DesignScript merger for algorithmic design.
  • Autodesk FormIt expansion for conceptual design.
  • Graitec acquisition for structural detailing.
  • Autodesk Structural Bridge Design for span bridges.
  • Azalient Technology acquisition for traffic simulation.
  • Topcon collaboration for field layout and construction.


Autodesk University 2013: Company Highlights Acquisitions, Other Efforts to Bridge Gaps in Building and Civil Engineering Workflows