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Revit MEP Helps in Warning Overloading the Circuit

Installing Revit MEP helps in warning users about overloading the breaker. While creating electrical circuits in Revit MEP it is advisable to utilize Revit’s ability to warn the users when they are overloading the circuit. After the electrical equipment has been placed, the users may see the warning message that appears only after the user exceeds 80% of the breaker’s rating. Users must include electrical items to the circuit one at a time and modify the appropriate circuit parameter by following a 4 step process. Irrespective of the electrical device, equipment or light fixtures, users must follow the same process mentioned below:


  • The receptacle must be highlighted. Users require selecting the Power command button on the Create Systems panel of the Modify/Electrical Fixtures tab. This will help in creating the circuit with only the one receptacle in the circuit present at that point of time.
  • The user then must go to the Properties palette while the circuit is highlighted with a blue- tinged dashed line around the receptacle. The user must alter the Frame parameter so that the Rating parameter in the Electrical-Loads section matches and then pick the Apply button. This rating parameter is the circuit breaker size and as items are added in the circuit, Revit checks the Frame parameter to determine the 80% factor and ensures that the Frame parameter and the Rating parameter match. Generally, the 2 parameters do not match.
  • The user should then select the Edit Circuit command button from the System Tools panel of the Modify/Electrical Fixtures tab while the receptacle’s circuit still highlighted. Then the user should pick the Add to Circuit button from the Edit Circuit panel of the Edit Circuit tab. It is important to select the Add Proceed to choose additional electrical items one by one. When the selected receptacles exceed 80% of the breaker, users will get a warning message. It is then that the Remove from Circuit command is used to remove one of the receptacles to attain the circuit load within the permissible limits.
  • Selecting the Finish Editing Circuit button completes the circuit.



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