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Revit for the Foodservice Industry

Revit boosts the development of symbol libraries and publishing layering conventions in the Foodservice industry. Revit is BIM software that is much more than a drawing program and uses 3D objects to represent real physical building components. The AEC community highly recommends Revit for architectural, structural, contracting and MEP solutions.


Through Revit the differences are more comprehensive, collisions can be avoided, errors can be prevented, and tedious and exacting calculations can be automated. Besides, loads are queried and take-offs are computed. The BIM model renders a Revit design a lifecycle that controls and maintains information throughout the life a building.


Foodservice Equipment is machine which is neither structural, architectural nor MEP. In the strict Autodesk-enforced Revit Family taxonomy Food Service Equipment Category is not allowed. Foodservice is combined with ‘Specialty Equipment’ together with toilet room stalls, fire systems, iMacs and baseball foul poles. The families consume space, they consume utilities: water, electric, gas, waste, ventilation and steam utility needs which must conform with MEP requirements.


A major Revit building can be built with 6 door families and 6 window families, but within the kitchen there could be hundreds of foodservice families sharing the same space, many with exclusive utility connectors and loads. Now, the AutoCAD DWG libraries in the foodservice equipment industry offer 40,000 models.


Extensions are being added by AutoQuotes to the AQ database to provide utility data and dimensional data to simplify and amplify development of Revit families. And the FCSI-NAFEM Revit Task Force, AutoQuotes, Autodesk and various major Revit Consultants are developing a detailed document meant for Foodservice Equipment Families to develop an effective plan for the industry that would meet Revit requirements, assure compatibility of family and reduce costs.




Revit for the Foodservice Industry