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New Improved Excel2Revit With New Features

Excel2Revit has undergone several changes like new name, new version and new features. This easy- to- use- tool is now renamed as Excel2R and like earlier this Autodesk Revit add-on enables to promptly insert MS Excel data into the Revit projects. With the improvement in working with Excel data, Excel2R is more user friendly and effective. Excel2R forces Revit project organizing & documenting processes. The benefits of Excel2R are:


  • Time-saving productivity when you link MS Excel information to Revit project.
  • Easy to Use - Trouble-free creation of tables.
  • Always Up-to-Date data in Revit project.


Excel2Revit is used by users all over the world and hence to enhance its efficiency and popularity various new features have been introduced in this new version: Excel2R v2014.3 and v2013.3. The new features included are as follows:


  • Improved Size Converter- This Size Converter allows the user to know if the value cannot be converted directly to other units. It gives values approximately.
  • The tool skips spreadsheets that begin with “@” symbol in MS Excel.
  • “All Excel files” is the default file extension during selection process. Even if it is changed to other extension, the tool remembers it.
  • Text alignment improved.
  • Excel2R works faster during updating process.
  • Enhanced graphical design.
  • Better chance to see Tooltip that shows Excel file name and Spreadsheet name when the cursor is over the active drafting view.
  • Tooltip switches on automatically when a table is created by the user for the first time.


Watch the Video how AGA-CAD Excel2R imports MS Excel data to Revit® project.