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Revit and Its Unexplained Behaviors

While working with Revit, one might face various unknown as well as unexplained behaviors of the software. This includes the errors in the data of the project file. But this error can be fixed by replacing the corrupt data with a random value and then changing it back again. But it should have been more like employing Revit's tools to alter and modify the data to something random then changing it back, like the change is some new data for the model.


It is all about isolating the parameter values that are leading to the unexplained behaviors and then analyzing the correct combination of commands that will reset or refresh the disturbing data. The commands that need to be analyzed ma include flexing parameters, mirror, nudging, cut & paste in same place and various other commands.


Often while upgrading models, like for example from Revit 2009 to Revit 2011, in hidden line mode, half the doors and windows have shaded glass (by design) while the other half have no shading. This absence of shading from random doors and windows shows lack of consistency. This inconsistency can be fixed by selecting the glass material and setting the surface pattern of the glass material to none, as it could be the surface pattern that was not cooperating, then change the surface pattern back to solid fill to get the glass material to show properly everywhere.


After nestling families into a host family and linking the parameters of the nested family and its host family and then making changes a to a nested family and loading them back into the host family, solids disappear and do not flex when the family is loaded into a project. Some of the linked parameters required to be flexed, while still in the family editor, to reset or refresh the disturbing data.

Wall cleanups at intersections can also lead to disturbances. Nudging one of the walls can clean up the intersection, but often cutting a wall to the clipboard and pasting it back into the same place so that intersections can heal properly. Whenever any family, which was properly functioning, before, does not cooperate, cutting and pasting in same place can reset the data in the model.


Revit and Its Unexplained Behaviors