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Revit and Its Various Applications

Revit is a highly useful tool widely used in the process of BIM. It is almost synonymous to a hammer in the absence of which a house cannot be build. Revit facilitates various sectors and is one of the most preferred software as it can create 1:1 scale virtual models of buildings and take snapshots from different perspectives in order to create 3D Perspective views, Floor Plans, Sections and Elevations.


Revit has been developed for BIM and specifically facilitates building design and construction industry. It allows design and construction professionals to take ideas from concepts and construct with a well coordinated model based approach.


Revit software includes features for architectural design, MEP and structural engineering and construction. It delivers tools that aid in designing, building and maintaining top grade and energy efficient buildings. Available with comprehensive features, Revit is an ideal solution for the building project team. Below mentioned are its various applications-


  • Architectural Design- Architects and designers can design and develop accurate and high quality architectural designs with the help of Revit tools that particularly supports and enhances the BIM workflow. Designers and architectures can capture and analyze concepts along with maintaining their vision through design, documentation and construction.
  • MEP Engineering- MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) engineers can take help of the various tools of Revit software to design complex building systems precisely and most efficiently. Since information rich models assist the design throughout the construction procedure, hence Revit tools are extensively used by architects and designers. Revit supports BIM to create accurate designs, analysis and documentation of high standard building systems from concepts to construction.
  • Revit Applications
  • Structural Engineering- Revit is very applicable for structural engineering firms as it offers tools appropriate for structural design. Revit software is a BIM solution that minimizes errors, increases accuracy, enhances multi-disciplinary co-ordination of structural design documentation and the collaboration among building project teams.
  • Construction- Revit software is a BIM solution for construction and its construction design software assists construction professionals by rendering tools that evaluate constructability and design intent before the beginning of construction. Through Revit, designers and architectures can employ effective models for prompt understanding of the methods, means and materials and how their combination realizes the design of the project.