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Revit Related Applications For Autodesk Labs

To extend BIM applications there are Revit related applications that can be added on Autodesk labs to help users. For prompt and simple workflow the applications mentioned below can prove to be of great help-



  • Project Storm- It is a cloud application for structural analysis and can be used with Revit Structure. Through Project Storm, models can be analyzed on the cloud while continuing work on Revit. The result can be then displayed and explored in Revit views.
  • Project Spark- Project Spark can be considered as the LT version of Revit with basic functionality. Various features are missing here though that should not affect new users. It has limitations compared to Revit, yet it allows the user to import and export DWG, DXF & DGN (v7) files. FBX can also be exported. Though the user can not render directly in Spark, materials that are applied to elements in Spark can be exported to the FBX file. Users can then either render, link or import these FBX files in 3dsMax Design.
  • Project Vasari- This application has the conceptual modeling capability similar to Revit. It has integrated carbon and energy analysis and more capabilities like Ecotect wind tunnel analysis.
  • Project Neon- Project Neon is cloud rendering service and users can render Revit (and AutoCAD) model online now, through Autodesk render farm. The final result is downloadable. It is considered very fast and users can use their hardware and software while it renders the model.


Revit Related Applications for Autodesk Labs